Vacation Ownership

Vacations are your time … To unwind from the spinning of daily life. To renew the relationships that matter the most. To share new experiences that create lasting impressions. When you own your vacations with Hyatt Residence Club, you’re assured time to do just that, again and again. And to our members, it’s more than a luxury; it’s a priority.


Lifelong memories. Vacation savings and opportunities as flexible as they are diverse. Residential-style retreats with the added space and comforts that welcome you back each year. Explore the benefits of having your own home away from home and hear directly from some of those whom it’s our privilege to care for on vacation.

‘How could you not?’

Mr. & Mrs. Olson

Members aren’t just guests. They’re old friends we haven’t seen in a while, or relatives visiting from out of town. We believe our members are truly part of the family.

‘Why we went with Hyatt’

Mr & Mrs Pajor

When every detail of your vacation is already taken care of by someone who knows you, every vacation you take with Hyatt Residence Club will feel like you're coming back to your home-away-from-home.

‘Travel around the world’

Mr & Mrs Rhodes

When you vacation with us, know there's always someone on your side. However large or small your needs may be, we're here to accommodate.

‘Our children use our points’

Mr & Mrs Rhodes

Groceries? We'll pick them up. Excursions? Already booked. It’s our passion that our members always feel comfortable, entertained, and cared for while you stay with us — your new extended family.

‘Hyatt is the only way to go’

Mr & Mrs Cieply

An incredible membership benefit of Hyatt Residence Club is the opportunity to travel throughout the Hyatt network of hotels and resorts with priority access to our portfolio of properties, preferred exchange …

‘We bought 6 weeks’

Mr & Mrs Becker

Any year you wish you may exchange your Club Points for a stay in over 3,000 global resorts. So when a desire for surf turns to a need for snow, Hyatt Residence Club has you covered.

‘We aren't normally timeshare people’

Mr & Mrs Capizzi

It's not just a vacation. This is a journey. An experience. An adventure. Your “bucket list.” It’s the sights, the tastes, and the memories of travel — all of which you don’t want to miss.

‘We aren't buying anything’

Mr & Mrs Eyer

Discover local gems, taste unique cuisines, and experience once-in-a-lifetime activities, all while enjoying the comfort of a familiar place to come home to. From here, you can see the world.