Art Galleries in Sedona

Sedona is renowned as one of America’s premier small cities for the arts. Its famed picturesque red rock formations and wide-open skies inspire those with an artistic eye to dream big and create gorgeous pieces of art, from sculpture and paintings to jewelry, quilts, photography and any other medium you can imagine.

Whether you’re an avid art collector or simply looking for a special keepsake from your time in Sedona, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Supported by an active bohemian community, Sedona is home to a wide array of art galleries, many within walking distance so you can enjoy an afternoon discovering one-of-a-kind treasures.

In Sedona, you’ll find talented local artists, as well as world-renowned artists who find inspiration in the Arizona landscape. Explore Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, where friendly, knowledgeable staff is eager to help you find just the right piece for your collection. You’ll find a broad selection of all mediums of art, including sculptures, jewelry and canvas. For a more hands-on experience, sign up for a workshop or class at Sedona Arts Center.

Expanding beyond paintings, sculptures and other forms of art, Rowe Fine Art Gallery features southwestern-inspired artwork plus graphite art, scratchboards, shadow boxes, handcrafted knives and more. Here, creativity and imagination are on full display.

Find inspiration in the scenery and the artwork and artists inspired by it when you join us at Hyatt Residence Club Sedona, Piñon Pointe.