Parks & Nature in Sedona

Nestled amongst the stunning Red Rocks in Arizona, Sedona boasts scenic state parks brimming with local flora and fauna, as well as a myriad of animal and bird species. Slide Rock State Park is located seven miles north of Sedona in Oak Creek Canyon on Coconino National Forest land. Tall red-rock formations surround the park, which contains a 43-acre working apple farm, first planted in 1912. Fans of old Westerns may recognize this area from films shot here during the Golden Age of Western Films.

Three hiking trails provide the perfect way to explore this gorgeous state park, while a trip down its smooth, red-sandstone water slide is a thrill not to be missed. Being a top tourist attraction in Arizona, Slide Rock State Park is known as one of the best state parks in the United States.

Just outside of Sedona, discover Red Rock State Park where the mission is to preserve and protect the natural wonders of the riparian habitat along Oak Creek. As an environmental education facility, you’ll find local trees such as the Fremont cottonwood, Arizona sycamore and velvet ash. The creek is also home to rare native fish, several frog species and the Sonora mud turtle. At the visitor center, enjoy interpretive exhibits, a movie theater and gift shop; and then set off on the five miles of trails where you can see cougars, mule deer and river otters.

Chavez Crossing is home to fishing opportunities in Oak Creek, while nearby landmarks include Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock. Sycamore Canyon is more difficult to access, but as one of the oldest designated Wilderness Areas in Arizona, it’s home to black bear, deer, mountain lions and more.

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