Breakfast & Coffee on Maui

Whether you’re an early riser or a laze-in-bed kind of person, fuel your mind, body, and soul with a Maui breakfast and Hawaiian Kona coffee.

Like the rest of the islands, Maui’s breakfast spots are known for their chill, laid-back vibe, creating a mellow way to break in your day.

Hawaiian-style diner food gives you a great feel for the local food culture and features a wide array of comfort food that comes Hawaiian style (big plates!). And fitness enthusiasts don’t have to sacrifice calories for flavor, with organic and gluten-free options from Acai bowls to smoothies and organic hemp granola.

If you want to add a touch of Maui to traditional breakfast dishes, you’ll find unique and flavorful creations like Mahi-mahi Benedict, macadamia nut pancakes, and citrus mascarpone, not to mention pork fried rice (yes, many restaurants feature this traditional dish for breakfast!).

For a taste of breakfast with the locals, Leoda’s Kitchen & Pie Shop proudly serves delectable dishes crafted with farm-fresh ingredients, from seared Ahi Benedict to coconut French toast and the Chef’s daily frittata, plus a tempting array of sweet treats from the bake shop.

Our on-site Lahaina Provision Company utilizes locally-sourced ingredients to create gourmet breakfast dishes you can comfortably enjoy al fresco right on your own lanai. Or venture down to our Swan Court Breakfast, an open-air restaurant, and feast on a grand buffet while you listen to the gentle sounds of cascading waterfalls and sneak a peak as the resident swans swim by.

Caffeine lovers will find themselves in not only a tropical paradise, but a coffee paradise as well. As one of only two U.S. states to grow its own coffee, you’ll want to forego your usual café latte for a taste of something local.

Brightly colored coffee shops — many that roast their own beans — adorn the landscape, and boast Hawaiian accents. Or opt for scenic locales with views of the West Maui coastline or tri-island views of Molokai, Lanai, and Kaho‘olawe.

Pair your coffee favorite with a homemade bagel, pastry, muffin, or quiche. And if Hawaiian coffee isn’t strong enough to get you going, try a Cuban blend which boasts unmatched potency, typically savored in a thimble-sized shot called a “buchito.”

Wake up with us at our Hyatt Residence Club Maui, Ka‘anapali Beach, and enjoy a Maui breakfast and Kona coffee, with a Hawaiian flair.