Beaches in Lake Tahoe

As the largest alpine lake in North America, Lake Tahoe is renowned for its cobalt-blue water and plethora of beaches. Ranging from sandy shorelines perfect for swimming and sunbathing to rocky secret coves ideal for watching the sunset, when you visit Lake Tahoe you’ll discover an alpine oasis waiting for you.

Not too far from our Hyatt Residence Club, Sand Harbor is a picture perfect beach, with rocky coves and boulders ideal for adventure-seekers to jump in crystal-clear waters, while also excellent for a day of peaceful swimming and kayaking. In the afternoon, enjoy a quiet picnic beneath the shade of cedar trees and Jeffrey pines.

As the beach scene becomes crowded in the busy summer season, escape to the white sands of Nevada Beach, where a majestic, park-like setting is the perfect getaway to unwind. This is the perfect place to take in a sunset or watch the moonrise over the lake.

At Skunk Harbor beach, its name belies its beauty, where a scenic, secluded cove provides a fitting backdrop to an afternoon spent blissfully reveling in the serenity of nature. For a more adventurous beach offering, rent a boat or Jet Ski at Zephyr Cove Beach and let the lake breeze blow through your hair.

Come join us at Hyatt Residence Club Lake Tahoe, High Sierra Lodge where you can not only enjoy the region’s stunning shoreline, but also take a short stroll and find yourself overlooking the north shore and our very own private beach.