Art Galleries in Key West

Vibrant colors and clever whimsy are hallmarks of the Key West art scene, where you’ll discover one-of-a-kind creations and treasures to keep as mementos of your trip to the Florida Keys and reminisce on gorgeous sunsets, tropical breezes, and unforgettable adventures.

Works from many of Key West’s most revered artists are on display at 7 Artists & Friends, where “fresh caught local art” includes everything from jewelry and watercolors to photo-realism and abstract art.

Known not only for its quirky bars and quaint shops, Duval Street boasts a myriad of special art galleries including the Alan S. Maltz Gallery, its namesake being designated the Official Wildlife and Fine Art Photographer for the State of Florida. With limited edition prints on both aluminum and canvas, as well as award-winning books, nature lovers are sure to bask in the beautiful works of Alan S. Maltz.

Artists-in-residence at surrounding galleries use the stunning scenery of Key West to create enticing works of art to take home as a keepsake from your Key West adventure. Meanwhile, the Gallery on Greene boasts a knowledgeable staff who is eager to teach you the history and culture of the Key West art scene.

Double-red doors lead you to the Collections of Key West, where you’ll discover a tropical art experience from current, local artists, as well as antiques and unique nautical effects from Key West’s storied boating, shipwreck, and pirate past. Or pick out a piece of pottery with a bold pattern and warm colors to remind you of your time in Cayo Hueso (Spanish for Key West).

Come join us at one of our three signature Hyatt Residence Club Key West properties — Windward Pointe, Beach House and Sunset Harbor — and marvel in the creations of local artists whose imaginations capture the beauty of Key West so brilliantly.