Wellness in Key West

Whether you’re feeling calm and centered or need a bit of help in that direction, Key West offers the perfect chance to focus on your health and wellness, with activities like yoga, meditation and running.

Yoga for All

Key West provides ample opportunities to explore a variety of yoga techniques and styles. Hit the beach as the sun rises and strike a pose while you feel the warm sun brighten the new day.

Expert instructors can help you learn the basics, or you can try something new like hot yoga and paddle board yoga. Talk to one of our concierges and let them help find the right yoga opportunity for you.

Mindful Meditation

Schedule a meditation class with an expert in the field and learn the ways of unique meditation techniques, or find a quiet spot on the beach and be mindful of your surroundings—the water lapping on the shore, the soft breeze swaying the palms—and refocus your mind with slow, steady breaths.

Take a Hike

Whether you walk, jog or run, Key West has a scenic trail for you. Take the four-mile path from Casa Marina at Higgs Beach to a local landmark (the locals’ favorite running route), or enjoy panoramic views around the perimeter of the island on the Old Town loop course, where the sounds of birds and wildlife fill the air.  

Enjoy people-watching as you stroll? Head down Duval Street to Southard and the end of the Mole Pier and watch the cruise ships slide into the pier, or catch a gorgeous sunset over the Florida Straits.

There’s no better place for a little rest and relaxation than Key West, where the beaches and sunsets, trails and scenery are unparalleled and will help feed your body and soul.

When you choose to stay with us at one of our three magnificent Hyatt Residence Club Key West properties — Windward Pointe, Beach House and Sunset Harbor — you’re well on your way to restoration and rejuvenation.